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VHS SplatterCAST

Mike and Grizz bring you the best and worst movies of the VHS era!

LIVESTREAM: Tuesdays 9pm EST on YouTube

PODCAST: Released right after the stream ends

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Join us on our weekly livestream as we venture into the forgotten world of low and no budget horror films that will rock your world or make you sick!

SOV to 35mm--the more gory and gruesome the better!

So dust off your VCR and get ready to adjust your tracking.

This is Bad Taste Video.

 LIVE on YouTube

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Riffing with the community during our streams is our favorite part of what we do.

Come hang out with other tapeheads, gorehounds, and low-budget movie fiends!


We also visit the Wide World of Metal with our weekly album review.

Tuesdays 9pm EST


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Gore-Obsessed Splatter Freaks

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We love meeting everyone who's into this weird stuff.

Come be a part of our community of cretins!

Let's talk horror & death metal, wrestling & 90's skateboarding.

You and the rest of the community are what makes this all worthwhile.


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